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Today I am grateful for… October 27, 2013

I am Grateful forI saw her post the updates every day. Every day for a year. I knew that she was going through something. And she was up to something.

Although I sang with her every week, I never asked. I witnessed, I followed. I liked and supported. Got inspired.

What she did was to post every day on Facebook what she was grateful for. Publicly, for everyone to read.

Later the following year I got an invitation to TEDx Mission City 2.0 event where she would talk, that I couldn’t attend. 

Earlier this week I reached out to her and asked if there was a recording. Of course. It is a TED talk. Ideas worth sharing. 

What I already knew and believe in is:

  1. the general scientific impact of focusing on gratitude
  2. the impact of a seemingly simple daily action

One thing I didn’t know was the results from the Gottman research on married couples. It states with 90% accuracy that the there is a 5:1 ratio of 5 positive interactions to every negative encounter in a successful marriage (at 12min 21sec in the full presentation below).

I am sure this is applicable on other areas as well. So, whether you are married or not – “we need to up our gratitude and appreciation for each other five times”, and share it. Share it with your partner, your kids (like in the image above), your friends or your dear little inner voice… 😉

AND – here she is – The transformative power of gratitude: Katia Sol at TEDxMission The City2.0
Katia Sol has spent the last 18 years facilitating leadership, community development, and transformative educational programs in more than 30 countries and with several First Nations around the world. An award-winning scholar and writer, she led the development of Ghost River Rediscovery’s International Youth Leadership Program and is a current co-facilitator of the Ecology of Leadership program at the Regenerative Design Institute. Read more about her here: www.katiasol.com and join her Gratitude Thanks Giving Yoga Retreat November 22-24. 

Thank you for sharing Katia!



2 Responses to “Today I am grateful for…”

  1. Gratitude is something I could not live without. For me it has been transforming and beautifully informing in nature. Every time I say I am grateful I am privy to see more of what I am grateful for. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Just thinking about it makes me smile. 🙂 What a wonderful topic….I totally recommend stating your gratitude every morning, as soon as you open your eyes so you have whole day to see what you are grateful for. Thabnks Johanna for bring this to your blog…….. Wonderful.

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