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You are invited. March 20, 2011

As I was walking home from the cafe, thinking of the project I had been working on, my train of thoughts relating to lead generation and lead conversion online were suddenly interrupted by painted flowers on the path way.

Unexpectedly they appeared and once they caught my attention, I wanted to know where they lead. Such a great example of a physical hyperlink offline. They spoke to me: “Click here”. “Step here”. “Come, you’re invited”. The flowers led to the entrance with the “Welcome” doormat of the Irish bakery down the block where I live(d).

I am not too sure if the owner actually was aware of how brilliant it was. How would he know, unless people told him, or if he asked? That is the beauty of online hyperlinks and marketing: if you use a proper system you will be able to know exactly which link your customer clicked on before he or she entered your store, from where they came, what time, also in best case what nationality, age and gender, did you buy something, what did you buy and did you share it with or recommend it to others? That can give you knowledge to really drive your business.

Those flowers on the sidewalk by the Irish bakery have made me walk in there more than once. And I’m sure I was not the only one. Last Thursday, I went there twice. And walked away empty handed both times. Two deliveries and sold out within the hour! The flowers were washed away – I guess Saint Patrick’s Day was the contributing factor that day… and I am sure: had the flowers not been there, many clients had not noticed the place to the same extent.

When preparing for my temporary move to Sweden the same day, I came across an old Irish poem called Take Time in one of my books. I think it is well worth sharing:

Take time to WORK …
It is the price of success.

Take time to THINK …
It is the source of power.

Take time to LAUGH …
It is the music of the soul.

Take time to READ …
It is the foundation of wisdom.

Take time to DO CHARITY …
It is the key to heaven.

Take time to PRAY …
It is the greatest power on earth.

Take time to PLAY …
It is the secret of perpetual youth.

Take time to be FRIENDLY …
It is the road to happiness.

Take time to DREAM …
It is like hitching your wagon to a star.

Take time to LOVE and BE LOVED …
It is a God-given privilege.

You are invited.
Be loved,



“An automated Twitter tool”? Seriously. Why? August 20, 2010

Yesterday I shared on facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter about a great tool that I have come across, which has been key in serving my social media marketing clients in an efficient way. The message was: “Awesome automated Twitter tool for getting 1000’s Twitter Followers & Customers quickly http://om.ly/rTwe

Today a comment on a LinkedIn discussion was: “Why would anyone want “an automated Twitter tool”? Seriously. Why?”

This was my response:

If you have a wish to connect with Twitter users with a certain profile (for example health coaches), or Twitter users tweeting about a certain topic (for example health issues), people who you would like to share your knowledge with – then an automated Twitter tool could be a very efficient way of connecting with them. Instead of getting recommendations or finding individuals one by one, you can make a search and start follow a number of them with one click. Similarly, you can make a search and find whom of them are close to your area, or located in the city where you will be for a presentation etc.

I for example will help promote a devise that will alleviate colic for babies. Help that is not available in the US today. If I can make a search and “automatically” follow those moms who has tweeted about that issue with their babies, and send a DM to those who choose to follow me (or the brand) back, that would be a very quick way of reaching out to someone who has that need.

Twitter today has $100M users. For most of them it is probably a very time consuming tool to use. For others it is a great way to find clients. This is the tool I am using to automate following for my clients: http://om.ly/rTwe , and I would be happy to provide you training on how to use it. Or – do it for you, should you choose to spend your time differently and still have the results.

Make real connections!




Make Yourself Heard April 15, 2010

I quickly checked my email early this morning and had received one that ended with “Nu kör vi!” – Let’s do it! It got me so excited – no reason to even try getting more sleep.

So here is the story why. September 11 2001, I left Stockholm for a four, maximum nine, month’s assignment at the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Diego (SACC). The actual timing is a different story. I loved the experience of living in San Diego, the people, the weather, and my job. As a Marketing Manager for SACC, the only full time employee for the organization, I got a chance to immediately dive into all aspects of the organization. Internal systems and information management, events, membership, website improvements, newsletter creation, branding, outreach, local and international networking, board meetings, managing team of volunteers. Excellent experience; excellent way to get a foot in to the US and establish a network. The only problem was: it wasn’t paid.  I guess the underlying problem to that was type of Visa.

Ericsson Mobile Applications, Make Yourself Heard

Ericsson watch: Make yourself heard.

I would have loved to turn SACC into a profitable organization, but that was a little difficult to do in four months with an initial membership base of 40 people paying $50 per year and some key corporate members. The survival strategy was to do really well and make myself a name. Is there any other good way to establish yourself?

On my hand wrist I had a watch that I had received as a gift from Ericsson Mobile Applications when together with Annica Andersson finished the masters thesis in marketing: “Wireless Advertising Effectiveness”, which was an evaluation of one of the first advertising trials done through SMS (text message) in 2000. The dial had the text “Make yourself heard”. That became the trigger for my own mantra.

So, why am I telling this? Because it worked. And it works. The advertising trial evaluation showed that the phone as a vehicle can work with merit as an effective advertising channel. We all know that today, with many different applications. And more importantly: do your very best, share with people who you are and what you want, and things will happen.

There is a difference in-between being full of yourself, and sharing with the world who you are and what you are up for in order to create something good. If you have a gift to bring to this world, which all of us have, then isn’t it your #*@%* responsibility to let the world know and make it happen? Seriously. I think we have passed the age of Jante Law. Thank God for social media and Web 2.0 for making it easier to get the message out there!

What trigger do you need? Join the ride.


Oh – and the email this morning was from a real talent who had decided to step out of the box. Joy for the world! Nothing makes me so excited hearing voices/talents/idees that has been quiet far too long, eventually getting out there.

Also, SACC-USA has since then become J1 visa accredited, and offers a great internship program that American based companies can take advantage of and contribute to a unforgettable experience for an ambitious Swedish newly graduated young professional.

If you are a SACC Marketing Manager in any of the 19 regional chambers all over the US and want coaching on how to make the best out of your period here – please let me know.



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