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Parental Courage Redefined July 19, 2012

A year ago I had a visit from Swedish friends. A couple and three children, age  2-6 .

They were in the middle of a three week road-trip in California. The reaction from many was that it was brave to travel with 3 kids.

Yesterday, I had a visit from a Spanish family. A couple and three children, age 9-12.

San Francisco was their first stop on their 8 months world trip travel, well planned out, including 2 weeks summer camp for the kids in the US, and home schooling along the way. You can read about their journey here.

Now THAT is something to me unheard of, and opens up my mind for new possibilities… Adding that trip around the globe back on the list. It’s never too late.

Kudos to courageous parents!


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Muuuumsfililibabba May 22, 2012

A few years ago my friend Lisa was in a gondola lift in the French Alps, going up to the top. It was packed with people going skiing. Suddenly she hears a couple of Brittish guys express:

“Muuumsfilibabba. MUUUUMSFILIBABBA.”

“What is that?”

“That’s what Swedish people say when the food is really yummy.”

So true, so true. Although, it was a while ago I used that expression. Recently though, I had a yummy situation when I happened to pitch the originator of an idea, without knowing.

I attended an INFUSION/Berkeley Startup Cluster Lunch to hear Forbes reporter and author, Larry Downes, present on The Laws of Disruption. You can get his book: “The Laws of Disruption: Harnessing the New Forces that Govern Business and Life in the Digital Age” (Basic Books 2009)

After the presentation I was talking to the entrepreneur sitting in front of me. His company was focusing on green energy.”Oh – I have someone I should introduce you to. He is working on a [CONFIDENTIAL] for green solutions. It is a really good idea. I am sure you would want to… Hm – who was it… I was just told…. anyway – it will come back to me”.

The topic changes and he asks where I am from, and if I am involved in the Scandinavian Community. “YSC.org – yes, to some extent” I respond. “Do you know Ian?” “Yes! In fact, he stayed with me last week when he was here for a conference! – oh yes! He was the one who told me.” “Interesting – he is my partner.” “Ah – so it is your idea!?”

The day after I receive an email from him with the question: “what is the (funny) Swedish expression that means “delicious” or “very yummy”? It sounds similar to “ums-feely-bah-pa”…”

So now you have it. Mumsfilibababba!



Two risks about sharing your idea: 1) someone might take it and run with it, or 2) people will spred the news and you might not yet be prepared for the customers coming your way…

And by the way: How many of you are reading the actual physical news paper these days?


Workation or Frimester? August 5, 2010

The Swedish language got 30 new words last year 2009, of which 10% relates to vacation… maybe not surprising in a country where the employees are entitled to a minimum of five-weeks paid vacation, usually taken 4 weeks in a row, during the month of July. Right – six or seven weeks is not unusual. You can get your one week ski-trip in too. No worries. And a couple of weeks to Thailand during the holidays to escape the cold darkness.

The word for vacation in Swedish is “semester”. The new words were:

  • “hemester” (home-ation or staycation), when you spend your vacation at the home location,
  • “svemester” (USation), vacation spent in Sweden (or US), and
  • “frimester” (freecation), vacation completely free and disconnected from work via mail, cellphone etc.

I on the on the other hand got what I asked for, “to be flexible in terms of where I work and be able to spend more time in Sweden”.  Doing my best to squeeze in a little vacation too. Speaking with a fellow coach while in Sweden, she said “in America we call that workation“. I am not surpriced.

My experience, workation during a start-up phase in Sweden during the summer, is a recipe for burning the candle in two ends. It is easy to work from there, where ever and when ever. Computer, comviq surf and skype – that’s all I need. Great opportunity to get new clients in Social Media Marketing. There is also so much to catch up on with home, friends and family. The fact that the sun almost never goes down, and up very early, makes you believe that there is so much more time at hand… “It is possible to do it all”.

So the goal for next year is to E-Myth (by @michaelegerber) the business and also having a vacation – why not a Freecation. That should be possible. Maybe not 4 weeks in a row – but one. To start with. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it. A little bit of action needed too, to make it happen.

Are you getting what you need to charge your batteries during vacation?

Make sure you do. It not only benefits you, it also benefits everyone around you.





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