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Leadership Lessons… from Geese August 30, 2010

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Life is beautiful. All around us there are gifts. Inspirations. Lessons to be learnt.

If you need a sip of inspiration – just look around where you are, nature, messages that comes to you, people who crosses your path.

I received an email today from Simple Truth with a movie on high performance teamwork – lessons learned from geese.

Click here to see it: Pulling together – high performance teamwork

Who new? Who will you “honk” to today? Or who will you lift up?

Lift your wings buddies and loved ones! We are going to fly high and far.

Enjoy the ride,


Loving Life Blog - Leadership lessons... from geese


2 Responses to “Leadership Lessons… from Geese”

  1. Sarah Says:

    AAahh, this nice photo reminds me the great movie “Jonathan Seagull”.. really nice one.

  2. Thank you Sarah for commenting on that! I took the photo out on San Francisco bay. Now I would like to see that movie!

    From the books, I like that to instantaneously move to anywhere else in the Universe, the secret is to “begin by knowing that you have already arrived…”

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