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Screwed or Nailed? March 22, 2010

So you got screwed today – most people nail it.

That was a joke by the associate at Wheel Works when I came in with my flat tire today. Screwed big time. I mean the screw was big. But wow what such an incident can be seamless when everything just works. AAA roadside assistance showed up after 30 minutes at no cost thanks to great insurance. I made it on time to the next meeting and Wheel Works was on the way home, with drop-off and instant service for a low cost. Meanwhile I enjoyed a cup of tea at Starbucks and got some work done on my computer – with a gift card worth $5 you have free internet during two hours per day.

I experienced something new today: traveling with my mobile office wasn’t just to bring the computer(s), the phone, and the coaching client folders. Today I traveled with the white board filled with colorful Post IT notes. Size big enough to just about fit in my Subaru Outback. I got the comment once: “Why… do you have this kind of a car? Either you are lesbian, or a great skier.” If I would have listened to my mentor in San Diego, I would be driving a truck – I wonder what the assumption would be then? Anyway – back then I didn’t respond – he could well wonder. Today I would say “no – a software designer”. I kind of like that. But I guess – that is just part of the picture.

#loving life blog # newageentrepreneur #entrepreneur #software #design #earth #facebookComing home tonight, seeing my bedroom wall without the storyboard made it look so empty. I put up a blank piece of paper and started sketching out the Meta view perspective of my idea. Pulling together the bits and pieces I have gathered in conversations with or readings by different people, and added some new. Holy moley – I think I had a eureka moment! Talk about potential – now I just need to figure out a way to make it happen… The face of the book won’t be the same… and the face of the Earth neither I guess.

Thanks for the inspiration guys and gals: My dear Dad, my bro’ Johan, Henry Kimsey-House and Leadership, Vikram Lamba, Michael E. Gerber, Laura Guy, Tim Shaw, Christine Comaford, Rob Espinosa and Sally Grisedale. I think we nailed it!



Nothing Happens Until Something Moves March 19, 2010

“Nothing happens until something moves.”
Albert Einstein

A friend of mine sent me this quote recently – in relation to the software I am working on. That is my interpretation. 😉 Because it makes things move. Also, as an entrepreneur – movement is the force of creation – so act now!

Talking about movement – that instantly makes me think of dancing. Surprise.

Last week the dance project was in the form of a dance flashmob. The first I participated in, which was interesting. If you want to know about other flashmobs, or create one, you can check on www.flashmob.com.

Watching the instructions for this one on youtube made me think of a visit with one of my friends in Sweden in January. He opened the door and all of his three sons came running, “here she is – the dancer”. (Talk about riding on an old wave). They were all (age 1.5-5 years) practicing for something that would be a REALLY cool flashmob…

They showed me, and expected me – since “I am a dancer” – to show them how to do the more advanced stuff. I would propose that you all do it. Kids and grown ups – from beginning to end. Perfect little break before you cook your Friday night dinner, or when you have a party or gathering with your friends, or if you just woke up. Just click here now, turn up the volume and click on the “Discodans”- sign on the right bar. Click on step (steg) 1 through step 9, one at a time and do the movements until you master them… Really – give it a good try.

I know – for this you don’t only need to be a good dancer, but also an advanced yogi or yogini… Or a very flexible child. My friends children gave it all what they had. Hope you tried it out – your body’s way – unless you have good health insurance…

Moving – almost any form – is good for you, and your business.



If you prefer to be entertained by others, here is a flashmob initiated by the Swedish dance group Bounce as a tribute to Michael Jackson.


When Life Gets Busy August 12, 2009

IMG_2238When life gets busy and starts running a little faster then yourself in terms of activities, ambitions, responsibilities, thoughts and ideas – then it’s very easy to fall out of a healthy track. It’s very easy due to the excitement or dedication to skip a meal, to eat at awkward times, to prioritize the “to do” and “just finish up” rather than the break, the fruit, the workout.

Whenever life has been too busy and there has been a sense of insufficiency or a problem unsolved my dad’s standard advice has always been: “go for a run!” Work out.

It is so true – whenever I do I come back relaxed with a sense of tiredness AND recharged, full of energy and strength – isn’t that an awesome combination?! How many times have I almost not done it, and afterwards felt like the happiest individual on earth? And how many times has THAT idea or solution come up during a run in the forest? Many. I shouldn’t need to remind myself. I’m sure you don’t need a reminder either.

With activities gearing up at my daytime job, coaching awesome clients in my spare time job, and ideas forming and contacts are being made for my future job… I do sense a need of staying close to myself in terms of routines and piece of mind. Having a structure in life that feeds you and keeps you on track can be immensely valuable. It may be going for a run, a yoga session or to the gym regularly in the morning. It may be meditating or journaling. Making sure you get your sleep. It may be cooking your own food and socializing with friends and family. It may be simplifying things and having a very tidy home. Clean car. It may be cranking up the music and releasing all your extra energy in a tribal dance in your living room!? :O

What tools or routines do you have to stay on track when life gets busy?



Detected… June 17, 2009

No! It’s been detected… “You seem to have moved since you downloaded the software. Spotify is not yet available in your country…” I could not log in. Devastating. Sort of. 😉 I was sooo excited about having successfully downloaded the Spotify software on my computer during my last visit to Sweden, and the fact that it actually worked in the US upon my return to San Francisco. YAY! Finally! I [hope I am sure I] entertained all my neighbors with great music, I threw a Spotify Preview Party for all my friends (and their friends), I discovered some great new artists… and rediscovered old goodies. Among those Titiyo’s “Come Along” was continuously returning to the play list for the two weeks of music ecstasy… And now this.

Makes me think of Mark Levengood when he was the master of ceremony at the holiday concert Stjärnjul. It’s a heartfelt outstanding annual concert that I warmly recommend if you happen to be in Stockholm December time – 2009 tickets are available from today! (Mom – your seat is secured 😉 ). Mark was in his role telling short stories in-between the songs, with his calm humoristic style and distinct Swedish-Finish dialect. His grand-ma was a key figure in them and there is one line that I clearly remember that was her response to a devastating situation: “Det är bara å bryta ihop och gå vidare”. You just gotta break down, and move on.

So move on… (I already broke down). I got a CD in my mail yesterday! “Busy doin nothin” from a friend in Brazil (THANK YOU Lasse!). I have been begging him to release some CDs – people would love them – and now I hear that Pod Casts are on the way… waiting. I could also wait for the US release of Spotify by the end of the year. Or find a way to still be able to use it. Hack Internet. Become a premium user with “unlimited travel”. Maybe I should apply for a position with them and become their US rep! It’s in my genes to promote things and people that I care about and that inspires me. Specially if there is a Swedish connection. What a dream position, and also at the same time realize my dream of bridging Sweden and California. (No worries – I will still keep coaching!) What is your dream position? Or dream situation in life?

What ever you want to do or create – the one tip that has repeatedly come back to me during the last few days is ACT. ACTION. Just one step at a time. Get the ball rolling. Feel the energy coming… A couple of places that can be of inspiration for you are:

1) A presentation by Brian Tracy Achievement in Action. Don’t miss the last two minutes. Don’t quit! 

2) The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’s blog post about I Am A Failure – The Biggest Lie Out There. My friend and competent Business Coach Jane Pollak has contributed with tip #109 on the list: Action is the magic word. 

Go act, be unstoppable and get detected! 




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