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Escape the GoldRun November 10, 2011

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OK – as an excited participant from the Blog World & New Media Expo, I download the GoldRun iPhone app, after scanning the QR code on the covered New Fort Escape model, to be launched in a couple of weeks.

Let’s see… how does this work? OK challenges, and points. I take a photo of this animated dog, on my bed per the instructions – and share on twitter or Facebook. That takes a while. Voila – that gives me one point. And a message shared…

Johanna C. Nilsson
JohannaCNilssonJohanna C. Nilsson
Found Puppy World’s Chihuahua Puppy! Cutest in the universe! img.ly/af36

There are more challenges with upcoming deadlines to follow. I get one point for each shared photo. Fine. So what does the competition look like? HA!

3 days in to the game, the leading participant has 911 points. Thank you – I think I have other things to do than taking photos of cute animated dogs and uploading – no matter how much I like Ford (it was my first car after all). They must have another target audience than me. It will be interesting to see what the results will be from this campaign.

Talking about car campaigns – tomorrow, Friday November 11, is the last day to vote on the Toyota Sweden Facebook page, which child charity shall get the most colorful hybrid car donated – by children, for children. 

Go to Toyota Sweden Facebook page and vote! It takes two minutes. The video that they created of the children paining the car is sweet and you can only see it there… or you can see photos and listen to the music by (Swedish;) SOL Stat & Orchestra Live right below… It will make you smile.

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Music from the Valley 11.11.11… November 9, 2011

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Did I say that details are set: Keeva A Cappella in concert together with the Richter Scales this Friday November 11, 2011 at

Unity SF
2222 Bush St at Fillmore
San Francisco, CA

Join us for an evening of song and celebration on 11/11/11!

Keeva A Cappella and The Richter Scales are teaming up to serenade you with sweet harmonies and swinging tunes from near and far, sung in languages you may understand (English, Spanish…) and others you may not. (Maori, anyone?)

Come early to enjoy a glass of wine and some refreshments on us to get you in the mood.

Doors open at 6pm
Concert starts at 7pm
$5-10 suggested donation at the door

Directions: http://www.unitysf.com/find.html

The Richter Scales are a bevy of gentlemen songsters, all residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. They perform selections from a wide variety of genres, including American standards, Broadway, Motown, and contemporary music.

Based in San Francisco, Keeva A Cappella sings globally-inspired music, bringing harmonies from around the world to the Bay Area.

You are invited! Please RSVP here if you are on Facebook.

Inspired by the final stand-up performance at the Blog World & New Media Expo that I just came from last week in LA, please enjoy a song about Silicon Valley by the Richter Scales performed at the 2011 annual Crunchies Awards for entrepreneurs and the venture capitalists who support them, featured in New York Times.

Hope to see you Friday,




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