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Not Johan, but Johan & Nyström February 8, 2013

IMG_5601When it comes to social media and getting your message across, you can sometimes ride on the wave of success created by others.

  • Comment and engage on blogs or articles that have a large number of readers and views
  • Position yourself by stating something controversial, maybe contradictory or variation of an already accepted and established concept
  • Engage in a trending topic on Twitter
  • Comment with a video response to a viral video on youtube

The last one I would have loved to see from the Swedish Coffee brand Johan & Nyström. It is a high quality, fair trade, coffe brewery in Sweden – actually located in my very home town Tullinge outside of Stockholm.  A video response to the campaign created last year by the Swedish Coffee brand Gevalia “Not Joe, but Johan”. I wrote about it a few months ago, here. (Actually – go and read it now, and watch the movie, and you will know what I am talking about).

A couple of things happened recently that I find interesting.

1) I received a comment on that blog post just as I was about to return from Sweden after the holidays – I had just bought some Johan & Nystrom coffee to bring with me to San Francisco. It’s time for a coffee tasting. Sweden vs. San Francisco vs. Costa Rica. Gevalia, Johan & Nystrom, Four Barrel and what ever Costa Rican coffee my friend Pierre keeps raving over. So timing was interesting.
2) The comment related to the LLXLLQ Focus group we had had. The content was all accurate. But the person commenting wasn’t part of the focus group. I have no idea what the referring asian website is. Then I realized that the original content was actually taken from one of our focus group members, Alicia Jay’s blog Tall Swag – Fashion for Tall. This beautiful woman, 6.6″ tall proudly wears a 5 inch heel – and rock it. She had openly covered the experience from the focus group we had about larger size shoes for LLXLLQ  in her blog ,and the content in the comment was copied word by word.

Part of the LLXLLQ focus group. We had a fabulous time talking about fabulous shoes.We talked about our sized shoes for hours but it was so refreshing, it felt like minutes. I use ‘refreshing’ because all of us were on the same ‘shoe page.’ Think about it. When was the last time that you were in a room where EVERYONE was going through the same problem as you.

As much as I appreciate the comment – what ever you do – be authentic and transparent. There is too much noise, spam, automated generated content and content farms as it is. The woman who did write the original content fully deserves the exposure though – she strongly speaks the voice and advocates for tall fashion. Check her writing out!

Now – speak your voice to get heard – and be authentic!


And if you know anyone with shoes size 10-12 – please share the word, and direct them to www.llxllq.com – size 10-12 handmade Italian shoes.


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